Meet the blackbird

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Until now, automotive content has often been dictated or hampered by car availability, model revisions, limited access to locations and footage that can quickly become irrelevant.

In collaboration with JemFX, Performance Filmworks and Keslow Camera, The Mill has created The Mill BLACKBIRD® which sets out to transform the way automotive advertising is made – it’s a car rig that can be shot at any time, in any location, without the need to rely on a physical car.


The Mill BLACKBIRD® is able to capture quality footage and data due to its camera array and tailor-made stabilisation unit, engineered in collaboration with Performance Filmworks’ legendary, multi award winning technician, Lev Yevstratov. A combination of high dynamic range imagery and 3D laser scanning generates a virtual version of the environment, producing 100% realistic CG renderings. The Mill has taken this a step further, developing a bespoke BLACKBIRD® AR application that allows you to see the intended vehicle in CG, tracked live over the rig on location.

Alistair Thompson, International Executive Vice President – The Mill comments: “We can unequivocally say that The Mill BLACKBIRD® is a tool to solve real problems for the advertising industry.  It is no vanity project.  It was the genuine needs of our advertising clients that made the Blackbird happen and their constant support and input has shaped its design and made it the game changing innovation that it has become.  The Blackbird journey has only just begun though and the technology and the thinking behind it will evolve.  We hope it will continue to provide inspiration for the whole industry and most importantly, in turn, our clients will create ways of using it that we have not even comprehended yet.  This is what excites us the most!”

The Guardians. Im impressed!!

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The Guardians – Russia Sci-fi

I just watched The Guardians, a Russian sci-fi movie. If you put aside the fact all characters where in one or more ways “inspired” from Iron Man, Captain America, The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers its really well made.

I was afraid it would just be a bad copy with crapy CGI but I was in many ways blown away. Both CGI, GUI and screen HUD`s was impressive. If you pick it apart you find some stuff here and there that is not consistent but it never ruin the experience.

The movie was made on a budget of 330 million rubles, which is equivalent to 5 million US dollars and directed by 29 years old Sarik Andreasyan. Special effects shots appear to include actual footage of cities and sets, rather than metropolises and laboratories constructed entirely within a computer.

Russia is for sure making its mark in the movie business and it was about time. They have had many movies in other categories but I always felt they messed up when it came to hight standard Sci-fi. The movie was actually almost banned by Russian news casts and given bad critic’s.

In The Guardians they have got it right. The plot is During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again.

Jerry Bruckheimer may have convinced producers to destroy Chicago with flying robots. But Sarik Andreasyan will be the director that gives us a bear-man with a gatling gun. I can`t wait to what both Sarik and other Russian directors come up with.

RR – The pursuit of perfection

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Beyond the black glass door

The renowned English car-manufacturing company has unveiled a limited edition designer version of the most potent and technologically advanced Rolls-Royce in history. A must-have for Rolls Royce fans who express intense urge for highest form of luxury, bespoke, style, uniqueness and more, the designer edition of Wraith will be fitted with the finest materials to match customer’s exact specifications.

I was chosen to design a UX for their upcoming mobile app to celebrate their strong link to high fashion and quality in all areas. The app will launch April/May 2017 and be available for RR owners.

The pursuit of perfection

Rolls-Royce Wraith. Inspired by Fashion Unveiled As Haute Couture On Wheels deserves it`s own app. Rolls-Royce redefines high fashion. The journey starts in the Goodwood Studio, where customers first encounter the motor car they are interested in – and the creation of their perfect Rolls-Royce begins.

A high-shine black glass door and handcrafted antique wood flooring – rather like a classic British gentleman’s club – lead to the Rolls Study. This room captures the essence of the risk-taker and adventurer that Charles Rolls was. On the wall, a propeller gently turns – a reminder of his passion for aviation.


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Swiss Luxury Watches

Hublot create Watches to perfection
Covering a wide range of professions and manufacturing techniques involved in the art and science of watchmaking, Hublot employs different methods of this centuries-old craft to accommodate the latest in materials and fabrication techniques as well as the most traditional forms of handwork, all under one roof. It is this flexibility in manufacturing that allows Hublot to remain at the helm of innovation in watchmaking and produce unique and cutting-edge timepieces.

I love the Hublot website as it is today on many parts. The request I got was to look at creating a multi platform e-commerce one page layout for each of their collections. The design example presented here is based on the Hublot La Ferrari Watch in it`t “general” edition. Their limited collections require a special personal engagement with Hublot.

The design takes use of existing sections so it can be seamless integrated into the website without requiring a redesign of the main site in total. The main shopping technique and process is for obvious reasons left out here as its the main object for the commission.

News about launch will be announced first week of October.